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Selected Clients
Adintegra GmbH / software & IT
Azenes GmbH / actuarial consulting
ConPlus Guntern & Partner / business training and coaching
Corina Erzinger / jewelry designer
Domaine Nussbaumer / local producer of fine wines
E. E. Zunft zu Gartnern / the Basel Gardeners’ Guild
Erne AG / construction materials
Gabrielle Alioth / writer
Jacqueline Schlegel / singer/songwriter
Katharina Kienholz / writing & editing professional
Kobebeef / web design boutique
Lektorat Literatur / editing service for aspiring writers
Liliane Steiner / illustrator
Literarisches Forum Basel / literary events in Basel
Maakii GmbH / educational media
Mary’s Choice Fashion GmbH / fine knitwear
Mensa Germany / the high IQ society
MinD University Network
MUW / Mobiles Urbanes Wohnen
Novartis / pharmaceuticals
Patrick Widmer / graphic design & illustration
Rainer & Tobias Kyburz / product designers
Reto Bieri, Clarinet / musician
Sabine Kronenberg / writing & editing professional
SSUI / Swiss Foundation for Independent Information
Textworx / text agency
Theres Roth-Hunkeler / writer & educator
Thomas Fellmann, Dr. med. / psychiatrist & psychotherapist
University of Basel
University of Bern
University of Zurich
The UsitawiNetwork / Service Club for Sustainable Development
Verlag Martin Wallimann / publishing house
Wolfram Malte Fues / writer, scientist, literary critic